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Margravial Opera House

Virtual tour (as of 2012)

In this virtual tour you will experience the Margravial Opera House from a brand new perspective. The Panoramic shots (360 degrees) will present you a detailed view of this impressive monument. By virtually moving through the building, you will have the opportunity to look at everything very close.

Please click on the picture below to start the virtual tour:


Picture: Margravial Opera House

Margravial Opera House


The panoramas or pictures to be loaded are rather large, and thus take a relatively long time to load. Please be patient – they are worth waiting for!

Navigation through the virtual tour is more or less self-explanatory. However, to make full use of all the options, please look at the help page.

The tour opens in a separate window and was prepared by Josef Spitzlberger, Oberschleißheim.

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