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Information for people with a handicap about the Margravial Opera House: World Heritage & Museum

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Picture: Margravial Opera House, view towards the stage


Information for people with mobility impairment

Disabled parking

  • Three disabled parking spaces in the carpark in Münzgasse behind the opera house (around 200 m from the entrance)

  • Two disabled parking spaces in Wölfelstraße


Disabled toilets/ Lockers

  • Museum visit: disabled toilet and wheelchair-accessible lockers on the ground floor

  • Evening events: There is a disabled toilet in the opera house; it is opened by the staff when needed.



Picture: Margravial Opera House, detail of the prince's loge

Margravial Opera House: World Heritage & Museum

  • Museum visit: barrier-free museum entrance

  • Evening events: step-free access via the right-hand of the three entrance doors; the door is opened by staff as required.

  • All important areas accessible without steps or accessible by lift

  • Doors at least 120 cm wide

  • Narrow passage of 80 cm in the auditorium

  • Level, non-slip flooring

  • Seats available

Information for the visually impaired

  • Guidance system for the blind available in the exhibition; in the opera house, orientation via media guide or museum app (loan devices available)

  • Tactile plans for orientation at various points in the building

  • Media guide or museum app with audio texts and audio description

  • Touch stations

  • Music stations

Information for the hearing impaired

  • No induction loop available

  • Media guide and museum app (loan devices available) with guided tour in sign language as well as written information

  • Written information available (flyers, wall texts, media stations)

  • Media station for the hearing impaired  (Vibropad)

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