Main information:

Information for visitors on opening hours and private tours

Current information / Coronavirus

According to the current legal situation, an opening of our houses is possible depending on the local seven-day incidence.

The New Palace and the Margravial Opera House are open at present. No reservation is required.

An online reservation via our reservation website is possible for the visit to the Margravial Opera House (maximum 7 days in advance; booking deadline for the next day is always at 5 pm).

Current information on the Margravial Opera House · 16 to 21 August 2021:
Due to maintenance work, visits to the opera house may be impaired during this time; for example, the historically recreated scenery will not be visible.
We ask for your understanding for the restrictions.

Please take into account waiting times and restrictions such as altered routes or room closures.

The Italian Palace, the bath wing and the grotto wing in the New Palace, the Old Hermitage Palace, Zwernitz Castle and the Oriental Building at Sanspareil must unfortunately remain closed until further notice.

The official hygiene and conduct rules of course apply for visits to all the sights and notices will be posted in each place as a reminder.

Here you will find a list of currently open/closed houses as well as general information and FAQs for visiting our sights during the restrictions due to COVID-19.

Opening hours


Picture: Bayreuth New Palace

Public holidays: All buildings are closed on 1 January, Shrove Tuesday and 24, 25 and 31 December.


Bayreuth New Palace and Court Garden

Ludwigstr. 21, 95444 Bayreuth

April-September: daily 9 am-6 pm
October-March: daily 10 am-4 pm

The Court Garden is open all year round.

There are no regular guided tours of the New Palace.

Guided tours for groups are currently not available.

For individual visitors, handouts in English, French, Italian, Russian and Czech are available.



Picture: Margravial Opera House Bayreuth

Margravial Opera House Bayreuth

Opernstr. 14, 95444 Bayreuth

April-September: daily 9 am-6 pm
(Admission times: 9 am, 9.45 am, 10.30 am [engl.], 11.15 am, noon, 12.45 pm, 1.30 pm, 2.15 pm, 3 pm, 3.45 pm, 4.30 pm, 5.15 pm)
Lecture in English: daily 10.30 am

22 August to 12 September 2021:
Information on visiting the Margravial Opera House during the Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival

October-March: daily 10 am-4 pm
(Admission times: 10 am, 10.45 am, 11.30 am, 12.15 pm, 1 pm [engl.], 1.45 pm, 2.30 pm, 3.15 pm)

Lecture in English: daily 1 pm

The opera house may be closed temporarily due to event rehearsals. List of the current closing times

Unfortunately, no group or special tours can be booked at the Margravial Opera House.



Visiting the Margravial Opera House

The auditorium of the Margravial Opera House can be viewed from the stalls; there are fixed admission times (see above). After you have taken a seat in the stalls (two wheelchair places available), a short introductory film will be shown (German with English subtitles).

Afterwards you will learn interesting facts about the Margravial Opera House in a lecture by our staff (April-September 10.30 am and October-March 1 pm in English, otherwise in German) and you can then briefly look around in the stalls area.

Leaflets in Chinese, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Czech are available for foreign-language guests.

Visiting the Opera House during the Bayreuth Baroque Opera Festival
(22 August to 12 September 2021):

Visits are possible during preparations and rehearsals at fixed admission times. During your visit, you will receive brief information about the festival and the current rehearsal situation, supplemented by interesting facts about the opera house via audio guide (in German and English).


Picture: Hermitage Court Garden

Hermitage Court Garden

Eremitage 4, 95448 Bayreuth

The Court Garden is open all year round.

Waterworks at Hermitage Court Garden

May to October every hour:
Bassin at the New Palace: daily 10 am-5 pm
Lower Grotto: daily 10.15 am-5.15 pm

Sanspareil Rock Garden

Sanspareil 34, 96197 Wonsees

Sanspareil Rock Garden is open all year round.

Fantaisie Palace and Park

The opening hours and much more information about Fantaisie Palace can be found at

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